Sick of Capturing Leads Manually When

Participating in Trade Shows?

Get better ROI by interacting with prospects faster using NFC.

Trade shows are lead goldmines

But inefficiency ruins all the fun.

Manual lead capturing process, busy sales guys, slow post-event data entry & even slower follow ups - everything adds up to a lost opportunity.

Slow follow-ups

40% of exhibitors wait between three to five days after a trade show to follow up with leads, leading to forgetfulness and lost chances.

Accuracy woes

Pen-and-paper methods are tedious, error-prone, and often result in incomplete or inaccurate data.

Lack of engagement

Personalizing lead engagement is crucial as B2B buyers prefer vendors who understand their specific needs.

Make Most of Your Trade Shows & Events with

EngagePro NFC Card

The best way to engage your prospects with a small team at a trade show.

Engage prospects with a tap

Register their interest with full contact details, even when your sales team is busy with other prospects.

Share your sales kit

Share your marketing material, sales pitch, prospectus, and more instantly.

Get leads instantly

Get all the leads on Whatsapp without needing to upload data or log in into a third-party CRM for instant follow-ups.

A Price That Justifies

Your Investment

Pay a small fee to get EngagePro Trade Show Card OR EngagePro Trade Show Kit

EngagePro Trade Show Card


Get NFC-powered Engagepro Card for 1 team member.

EngagePro Trade Show Kit


Per Team Member Per show

Get 3 NFC Cards, T Shirt, Multiple NFC Tags, Marketing Material and More

Discuss the idea internally!

We know its hard to bring a change, right away. No worries, grab a FREE copy of 10 Ways of Using NFC for Trade Shows, instantly. Show your interest and we'll share everything for you to discuss the idea, internally.

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